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natural, raw, organic, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free & grain free

Welcome to Dr Gaye

Dr Gaye superfoods and superfood blends are ideal for people leading busy lives that want to eat clean and natural health foods but don't have the time to plan or prepare them. 

Those who try our products notice an increase in energy, improvement in their mood, alleviation of illness symptoms and weight loss.  

Explore our range of products:

Dr Gaye Super-Shake (original)Super-Shake (original): A breakfast or workout shake! A thick creamy pint of all of your daily needs.

Dr Gaye Super-Shake (instant)Super-Shake (instant): An even quicker version of our best-selling health shake - now vegan!

Dr Gaye Super-BlendSuper-Blend: Boost your smoothies and yogurts with this nutritious and versatile on-the-go mix. 

Dr Gaye Super-PorridgeSuper-Porridge: Like regular porridge but much MUCH better! No oats. Tons of super goodness!

Dr Gaye Super-Cereal Super-Cereal: Like regular cereal but 100 times better! Grain free and sugar free, goodness in a bowl.

Dr Gaye Super-SpoonfulSuper-Spoonful: The any-time snack. Like trail mix but charged with nutrients.

Dr Gaye Super-OmegaSuper-Omega: Sprinkle or bake! All of the good fats you can add to your food. 

Dr Gaye Super-GoldenSuper-Golden: A hug in a mug! Spicy, warming and just plain delicious… oh and it’s good for you, too!