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I’m Dr Morgaine Gaye. I’m a Food Futurologist and you can see more of that here - www.morgainegaye.com. I look at food and eating from a social, cultural, economic, trend, branding and geo-political perspective. Food is a complex topic (and it is also just dinner) and involves the whole of society on a daily basis. Behaviour, culture, beliefs, history, trends, fads, art, marketing, sensorial perceptions, biology and, well, almost everything influence what we eat and why we eat it.

I have been making and drinking my Super-Shake for more than 16 years now and thought it was time to share it with more than just family and friends. It works for the body on so many levels but from a practical perspective I love that it’s quick, raw, has the highest grade nutrition possible, oh! and is easy to use, so there’s never really any excuse. Like you, I’m busy, and the Super-Shake is something I drink on the go throughout the morning to set me up with all my vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins for the day.

After I started to sell Dr Gaye Super-Shake, I was asked to make other, equally nutritious products: for people who wanted a warm, comforting bowl of goodness, the Super-Porridge was born! Then the people who were doing lots of travelling and had no food-making facilities wanted a nutrient-dense bag of superfood to add to anything they could find from bottled smoothies to yogurts. Voila! Super-Blend.  Customers then asked for something crunchy and snackable which was versatile and not full of heavy nuts or high GI fruits and sugar; Super-Spoonful found its way to the good and the healthy! Our Super-Shake has always been popular but it’s our only non-vegan product so now we killed two birds with one stone; we created Super-Shake instant, the no-soak, bee-pollen-free version of our best seller. And for the traditionalists amongst us, we now have Super-Cereal, you know, just add the milk (or mylk) of your choice and eat! Noticing how the use of seeds has gained popularity in all products we produced Super-Omega, for people who want crunch and healthy fats in all of their daily creations, from breakfast to breads! For the first time, we wanted to make a healthy and delicious beverage and our Super-Golden is hot drink for any time of day and we love it!

I love to hear how the products have made a positive difference in your life because getting you to be a better, healthier version of yourself is the ambition and love in these products. Please share your story with us here.


We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’, but given the current over farming, crop spraying, hydroponics and processing of much of what is in the supermarkets today, food isn’t what it used to be! Taking vitamin pills is a recent phenomenon to try to help us meet our nutritional needs. The question we should be asking ourselves about both our food and vitamin pills is: what can we really absorb? How much effort does it take our body to get the goodness and how much do we really need to consume to get the amount we need?

Truth is, we are what we absorb and the best way to get what we need is to eat nutritionally-dense organic food which is unprocessed and in its raw state. Food is optimum when it’s as close to source as possible – that way it’s packed with its natural life force. So keep it simple! The best way for you to really get what you need to be the optimum version of yourself is to eat nutrient-dense, unadulterated food. At Dr Gaye, we provide a variety of options for you to get all of your daily minerals, vitamins, protein, fats and nutrients in an absorbable and easy way.

Learn about our gluten-free, coeliac-friendly products!


Dr Gaye’s range of products are designed for real people who have busy lives. Each product takes less than 2 minutes to make and fits into everyone’s lifestyle because all we are doing is providing the perfect combination of raw, unadulterated ingredients so that you can make it the way you like it!  

The Super-Shake is a great morning breakfast for a busy day, on the way to work or at the gym as your perfect workout drink.

The Super-Blend is ideal for an instant nutritional boost as it can be easily stirred into yogurts or smoothies.

For those days when you need something warm, comforting and full of vitamins and minerals, the Super-Porridge, which is oat and grain free. Just add water and mix!

Whether it's for an afternoon boost or a perfectly nutritional snack, the Super-Spoonful makes for a very versatile addition to your day which delivers a wholesome punch! Eat it straight from the bag or sprinkle onto salads, desserts or drinks.

Our Super-Cereal cuts out the grains and adds in the goodness, so that you get a nourishing bowl of good fats and omegas without the glycemic load of carbs and sugars.

The Super-Omega is a mix of metabolism-boosting seeds for people who want crunch and healthy fats in all of their daily creations. You can sprinkle this on your cereal, porridge and salad, or mix it into your bread mix!

Although the Super-Golden is an instant hot drink mix with turmeric and other spices, it can also be used like the Super-Blend to add a hint of spice to your smoothie or nice cream!