Claire Hong - testimonial....

Super-Porridge Super-Shake testimonials

"I will like to comment that the products are really what they are stated on the website. I find that I have more energy rather than feeling tired when I wake up in the morning. Also, I feel that I reach out less for junk food. I think it's because my body has enough nutrients from the Super-Shake and Super-Porridge that I do not crave for junk food or chocolate. Overall, I feel that not only my body is balanced, I also have a balanced mind, if that makes any sense. I can think more clearly and feel calm when facing stress. I usually get morning sinus almost every day but I have noticed that it has decreased since I started the products! Overall, I am really happy with the products purchased, especially knowing that the ingredients are clean and they are so good for my health. I will definitely continue to purchase from Dr Gaye!"

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