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Did you know that there is a decline in alcohol consumption in the under 30s? As a result, non-alcoholic beverages is a burgeoning sector with more options today for those who don’t drink, are a designated driver or trying 'dry January'.

What we’re starting to see are more advanced botanical recipes, exciting flavour profiles and a sophistication around these beverages so that people who chose not to drink alcohol are provided with an equal non-alcoholic option. We may start to see some non-alcoholic bars open up as more of us see the benefit in drinking things that are good for us and make us feel good and alert. 

Dr Gaye - non-alcoholic beverages

We’re already seeing different types of water, like coconut water, artichoke water and black water gaining popularity in the non-alcoholic sector which used to only be populated by soft drinks. This is all about to change with talks of sugar tax on fizzy drinks. There’s also some bad press around fruit juices as they’re not good for our teeth and overall health as they’re high in sugar and sometimes fillers.

The good news is that we’ve been working on our own new beverage recipe and we’re just about to launch it… it’s pretty potent with tons of zingy goodness.

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