How to make coconut mylk and coconut flour


Coconut mylk and coconut flour recipe - Dr Gaye

Last week we bought one of those hairy brown coconuts which tend to be a little disappointing! They are old (that’s why they have a beard) and they are a hard nut to crack. Often the delicious water inside the young, green coconuts, has turned to something which tastes a little like dish soap… so we did a quick hack and got all the hard, white meat out of the shell (there’s only so much of that you can eat) and we put it in the blender with a few cups of water – enough to cover it twice. After some high powered blending the coconut had turned to pulp and that was then poured all out into a nut mylk bag. Usually the bag needs squeezing so that all the liquid is out of the coconut meal.

At this point, there are a few options because there is the fresh coconut mylk and the wet pulp. This is what we did …

We blended the coconut mylk with some fresh berries and used it over our Super-Cereal which we served in the remaining coconut husk (like a disposable bowl!). The mylk is also delicious as a drink with a little vanilla added. 

We put the pulp in a dehydrator for around 20 hours and it turned into a nutty dry flour / coconut meal… when it’s completely dry it can be stored for use in gluten free baking. A good thing to have in the pantry for last minute baking☝💡

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